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Create an Emergency Action Plan for Your Food Allergies

If you or someone you love has a food allergy, having a plan for what you’ll do in an emergency is essential. Food Allergy Awareness Week, held May 14-20, 2016, is the perfect time to update your own emergency care plan or create a plan for the first time. If you’re ready to give your care plan some attention, here is what you need to know.

Work with your physician

The first step in building an emergency care plan for food allergies is to work with the physician who manages your allergy care. This could be a pediatric care specialist for kids with food allergies or an allergist for adult patients. With the physician, identify all of the allergens that could potentially trigger a life-threatening reaction and whether you should take epinephrine in the case of a likely allergen exposure or only when one definitely has occurred. Your physician can also explain the difference between mild and severe reactions and the signs that immediate emergency care is necessary.

Complete a care plan worksheet

Your physician may provide you with a care plan worksheet, or you can download one. The care plan should include the information you discussed with your physician, such as when to administer epinephrine. It should also include detailed instructions for giving injections, your medications and your emergency contact information.

Decide who should receive copies

An emergency care plan is helpful for the person who is suffering from food allergies, but it is most useful to other people who need to provide assistance in an emergency. For children, the school should have a copy, as should any regular caregivers. For adults, it can be helpful for the workplace and close friends to have copies. Keeping a copy in a purse or wallet is also useful.

Whenever a critical health need arises, the ER in Plantation, FL, at Westside Regional Medical Center is ready to provide the care you or your loved ones need. You can get more information about all of our emergency services by dialing (954) 370-5585.

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