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What Is Early Heart Attack Care?

Early heart attack care (EHAC) is a public awareness initiative. It was developed by a physician for the purpose of educating the public about the early warning signs of a heart attack and the necessity of getting immediate care at an ER. With better awareness about early heart attack care, the healthcare professionals at Westside Regional Medical Center hope to increase survival rates.

Recognizing the Early Signs of a Heart Attack

One of the driving principles behind the EHAC public awareness campaign is that the onset of symptoms among heart attack victims may develop well before the heart attack occurs. About half of heart attack patients first develop symptoms within the 24 hours preceding the cardiovascular event. Some patients have reported these symptoms two to three weeks prior to the heart attack. ER physicians strongly urge patients to seek a medical evaluation if they experience chest pain, shortness of breath, cold sweats, heartburn, or sudden lightheadedness. In addition to its hallmark symptom—chest pain—a heart attack may cause pain of the upper back and stomach, jaw, shoulders, and arms.

Understanding the Role of the Bystander

It isn’t unusual for a heart attack victim to disregard the early warning signs of a cardiovascular event. Patients may delay seeking emergency care because they assume that they have good overall health and that the symptoms do not indicate a serious problem. Some people avoid going to the ER because they feel short on time. This is why it’s crucial for bystanders to recognize the early warning signs and get emergency medical help for the patient. These individuals might be co-workers, exercise partners, spouses, children, or total strangers who take action to save a life.

Westside Regional Medical Center encourages members of our community to become informed of the early signs of a heart attack and to avoid delays in seeking emergency care. Heart attack patients who are rushed to our emergency room in Plantation, FL, promptly undergo diagnostic tests, and receive rapid medical and surgical interventions to increase survival rates. For non-emergency inquiries, contact our Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (954) 722-9933.