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    Knowing the Signs of Colorectal Cancer

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Preventive medicine plays a significant role in cancer care. In particular, healthcare providers recommend colorectal cancer screenings so that doctors can find and address pre-cancerous polyps and malignant growths before they produce symptoms. Once symptoms present, colorectal cancer may be more advanced, making rapid medical attention even more important. Westside Regional Medical Center urges Plantation, FL residents who exhibit any of the following symptoms to contact our hospital as soon as possible.

    Weight Change

    With lifestyle changes such as eating healthier and working out more regularly, weight loss is usually an anticipated result. When weight loss occurs without the intention to do so, it might denote colorectal cancer. This type of cancer can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and as a result, weight loss may happen. Talking to a doctor about unplanned weight loss and undergoing a diagnostic screening can help to determine if it is due to colorectal cancer.

    Irregular Bowel Movements

    Colorectal cancer can also disrupt the excretory system, and this effect can present in several ways. Some people might notice changes to the appearance of their bowel movements. They might appear thin or become loose. This type of cancer can also make it difficult to pass bowel movements and cause constipation. Bleeding in the colon can lead to bloody stool as well. Blood in stool or blood from the rectum are both signs of a serious health problem and warrant an immediate consultation with a healthcare provider.

    Abdominal Discomfort

    Like many types of cancer, colorectal cancer can produce bodily discomfort. Especially when malignant tumors begin to invade other organs or press upon local nerves, they can produce significant and ongoing pain. Because abdominal discomfort can arise for a variety of reasons, some people may dismiss this symptom. Should pain persist without an evident cause, though, it may be necessary to speak with a physician about it. If discomfort is due to colorectal cancer, getting a diagnosis sooner than later can result in more effective treatment and a rapid recovery.

    Are you suffering from possible signs of colorectal cancer? Let the experts at Westside Regional Medical Center in Plantation, FL help you get to the source of your health concerns. Call (954) 302-7112 to get a doctor referral from one of our Consult-A-Nurse representatives.

    How Does Chemotherapy Work?

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Chemotherapy has been used for several decades as an effective way to eradicate fast-growing malignancies. Since its inception as a treatment method, chemotherapy has become an increasingly convenient and comfortable way to address the presence of cancer cells. Along with surgery and radiation therapy, Westside Regional Medical Center offers chemotherapy services for our Plantation, FL patients.

    Targets Systemic Cancer Cells

    The diagnosis of cancer might begin with the discovery of a lump in a breast, mass in a lung, or other conspicuous abnormality. Though surgery is often an option to remove the malignant mass, cancer cells may spread to other parts of the body. The blood and lymph systems in particular can provide easy access for cancer cells to move about the body and relocate to other organs. Because chemotherapy entails the use of substances that are typically introduced directly into the circulatory system, it can attack cancer cells and eliminate them before they have the chance to grow in other regions of the body. This advantage of chemotherapy makes it particularly effective for the eradication of cancer cells too small to be found with even the most advanced diagnostic means.

    Supplements Other Cancer Care Methods

    Cancer care specialists often recommend surgery to remove a diseased body part, or in some cases, the entire organ. If cancer is found at an advanced stage, though, it may be too large to safely remove from the body. Especially when a malignancy is found in the brain or other complex organ, it may be dangerous to perform such an operation. Because chemotherapy can quickly kill cancer cells, it can prove highly successful in reducing large tumors so that they become small enough for surgical removal. Chemotherapy can strengthen the effectiveness of radiation therapy for patients as well. For these reasons, cancer care experts often use chemotherapy as a supplemental form of treatment.

    Do you have more questions about chemotherapy? Then call (954) 302-7112 to speak with a Westside Regional Medical Center Consult-A-Nurse. Our Plantation, FL staff can address your treatment concerns and direct you to our cancer care experts.

    Busting Myths About Diabetes

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Diabetes rates continue to rise in the United States. As more people are diagnosed with this disease, so too are more misconceptions being spread about its causes, effects, and treatment options. Westside Regional Medical Center hopes to create greater awareness of diabetes by dispelling the many myths about it.

    Diabetes causes only insulin production problems.

    Diabetes is a metabolic condition that disrupts the body’s ability to create insulin and move blood glucose from the bloodstream into cells. However, this disease can produce a wide range of complications if diabetes sufferers do not take steps to consistently monitor their blood glucose levels. High blood glucose concentrations can damage both blood vessels and nerves. As a result, many people with uncontrolled diabetes suffer from heart disease and neuropathy. Some may experience vision loss, persistent wounds, and other side effects as well.

    Diabetes sufferers must avoid foods with sugar.

    Sugar is a type of carbohydrate, and carbohydrates are macronutrients that can cause blood glucose spikes in the blood. For this reason, many people assume that diabetes sufferers must eliminate sugar from their diets. While true that excessive sugar consumption can cause issues such as hyperglycemia, when eaten in moderation, it doesn’t have to present a danger to those with diabetes. Key to blood glucose management is choosing foods with sugars that the body digests slowly and using insulin as needed to manage blood glucose levels.

    Diabetes results from excessive weight.

    Type 2 diabetes is a form of the disease that can result from lifestyle choices. Individuals who eat poorly and infrequently exercise may heighten their risk of this condition. These habits can lead to obesity, a common factor in the onset of type 2 diabetes. However, diabetes experts warn that excessive weight alone is not the only catalyst for this disease. While they encourage all individuals to make nutritious food choices and work out on a regular basis, type 2 diabetes can still develop due to age and genetic factors.

    Diabetes management is essential for health and wellness. If you suffer from this disease, or you are at risk for it, call Westside Regional Medical Center at (954) 302-7112. Our Plantation, FL Consult-A-Nurse representatives can direct you to the right medical specialists.

    Adding Fiber to Your Diet

    Last updated 16 days ago

    High cholesterol is often the result of food choices, but did you know that what you eat could also lower your LDL levels? Studies show that soluble fiber can decrease bad cholesterol in your bloodstream.

    This video demonstrates why soluble fiber is good for your heart health. Medical experts believe that fiber offers two significant benefits. One, it binds to low-density lipoprotein and removes it from the body. Two, it prevents the absorption of bad cholesterol. So if you suffer from high cholesterol, increasing your soluble fiber intake may help. Some of the best sources of this nutrient include oatmeal, beans, and apples.

    Make 2015 your healthiest year yet. Westside Regional Medical Center offers Health to You, a wellness program, for the greater Plantation, FL community. To find out how to enroll, call (954) 302-7112.

    The Reality of Stroke

    Last updated 24 days ago

    Though the majority of stroke victims survive their brain attacks, they are often left with life-changing disabilities. This video describes the possible outcomes of stroke.

    Brain cells require a constant supply of oxygenated blood to properly function. When stroke occurs, though, it obstructs blood flow to the brain. In just minutes, brain cells can die. Depending on where the stroke takes place, it can affect speech, motor coordination, memory, vision, or other brain functions. The longer that a stroke continues without medical treatment, the greater the chance that it will lead to widespread disability or death. Even when a patient survives, she might require hospitalization, rehabilitation, and long-term care.

    Westside Regional Medical Center provides stroke care services to the residents of Plantation, FL and the surrounding communities. For more information on our healthcare options, call (954) 302-7112.


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